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Farhang Huseynov

Biography | Photographs
Farhang Huseynov
Prof. Ferhang Huseyinov was born in 1949 in Bakü Azerbaijan. Started his music education at Azebaijan State Conservatory Nightingale Music School, and graduated in 1968. Between 1969 and 1971 he studied violin with Karp Dombeyev and composing with Kara Karayev at Azerbaijan State Conservatory.

Between 1971 and 1975 he continued his education with Leonid Kogan (Violin), and Aram Chatschaturian (composing) at Moscow State Conservatory. He was graduated with honor degree form here. Upon his return to Baku in 1975 he was assigned as a professor at Azerbaijan State Conservatory on violin and composing. During this period he become a member of Azerbaijan Composers Union.

Prof. Hüseyinov is the leading violinist of Baku and Moscow String Quartets. They performed in many countries. In 1972 he performed as soloist with Moscow Conservatoire Orchestra in Berlin. Same year he won the gold medal at Herbert von Karajan competition.

As a violinist he became the very first performers of contemporary music in Azerbaijan. His composition improved under the influence of Karayev and Chatschaturian, Enescu and Bartók.

First international success as a composer is winning the first prize of “Silk Road” competition held in Japan in 1991. Than, he was commissioned an opera about Kodayu who is a Japan sailor hero during 18th century. Premiere was held on 1993 in Tokyo with a great success. In 1995 he received the United Nations Peace Prize with an oratorio “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. And receives another prize from UN with Stabat Matter for Soprano and String Quartet. Then, he took a place at Grove Music Encyclopedia. He won the first prize with “Cappricio Guarani” at Jose Asunsiyon Flores competition held in Paraguay by UNESCO in 2000.

Since 1992 he has been working at the Cukurova State Conservatory,Turkey. He became an instructor at international music courses held in Haifa Prag since 2002. During the time he composed “Ladino Fantasy” for Israel New Chamber Music String Quartet. Upon Mersin Opera and Ballet’s order he composed ballet music “Queen Aba”. The world premiere was held on October 2005 with a great success.

Operas 1991 Malen’kiy prints “Little Prince” (A.Efendiyev, A. de Saint-Exupery) not performed 1993 Kodayu (E.Aoki, K.Hoshu: Hokusa Bunryaku) (Russian version by K.Yamashita) WP1993 Tokyo Opera

Ballet 2005 Queen Aba (Libretto: Altay Bayram, Choreography: Shamil Teregulov) WP2005 Mersin Opera and Ballet Company/ Turkey

Orchestral 1969 Concerto for Violin WP1972 F.Huseyinov & Azerbaijan Music Academy Chamber Orch. 1981 Serenade for Strings WP1981 Azerbaijan RT Symph.Orch. 1991 Concerto for Orchestra “Travellin through Time” WP1991 Tokyo Symph. Orch. 2000 “Cappricio Guarani” for Orchestra. First Prize of Int.Comp.Cont. “Jose Asuncion Flores” Paraguay. 2002 “Ladino Fantasy” for Strings WP2002 Lvov Ukraine Chamber Orch. Cond.Robert Canetti, Israel.

Vocal 1981 Gimn solnstu “Hymn to the Sun” (ancient Egyptian, trans. Doblhofer) for Soprano and string quatet. WP1982 Moscow RT Symph.Orch. 1981 The Sixth Paragraph of Hammurabi’s Laws (Acadians Text) for Bas and 13 instruments. not performed 1985 Pesn’o pobede “Song of Victory” (F.Godzha, R.Rza, S.Vurghun) Cantata for Soprano, Bas, Choir and Orchestra. WP1985 Azerbaijan Philharmonic Orch. and Opera Soloists 1987 Antivoyennaya kantata “Anti-war Cantata” (T.Aslanlı) for Soprano, Choir and Orchestra. WP1987 Azerbaijan Philharmonic Orch. and Opera Soloists. 1992 Stabat Matter, for Soprano and String Quartet. WP1992 Azerbaijan Music Academy Orch. and Azerbaijan Opera Soloist. 1994 Jesus Redemptor, Chamber cantata for Soprano and 8 instruments. not performed 1995 Four Songs (D.Rathaus, A.S.Pushkin, A.K.Tolstoy) Baritone and Piano. WP1998 Adana/Turkey 1995 “May Peace Prevail on Earth” (R.Fielding, N.Newhall, Veni creator spiritus hymns) Oratorio for Soprano, Bas, Tape, Organ and Orchestra. WP1995 Azerbaijan Symph.Orch and Choir

Chamber music and solo 1973 5 Pieces for Violin and Piano. WP1973 Moscow, F.Huseyinov & A.Toradze 1974 Piano Sonata. 1979 Printed by Muzika Publishing Moscow, WP1980 Azerbaijan Radio 1974 Prelude and Toccata for Piano. WP1980 Azerbaijan Radio 1975 Sonata for Violin. WP1975 Moscow, 1980 Printed by Muzika Publishing Moscow 1978 Piano Pieces for Children. 1982 Printed by Suprafon Publishing, Prag. 1978 Sonata for Violocelle.WP1979 Moscow, 1982 Printed by Muzika Publishing Moscow, 1984 “Melodiye” Recording Company Moscow. 1979 Fuga for piano. 1982 Printed by Muzika Publishing Moscow 1981 Pamyati shug Ali “In memory of Ashug Ali” for Oboe and Strings. WP1982 Azerbaijan Philharmonic Orch. 1988 Quartet for Strings. WP1988 Germany, Azerbaijan State Quartet. 1989 Concertino for 10 Instruments. WP1989 Switzerland, Basel Chamber Orchestra.

Other Incid music, works for wind band, pieces for amateur choirs and transcriptions.